2024.3.31: Released a video. »
2024.3.24: Did one very small thing. »
2024.2.15: Released the video for the International Mother Language Day collab. »
2024.2.9: Lunisolar new year post: future plans for FCAC, etc.. »
2024.1.1: Formal resuming of activity. (a few opening thoughts)
2023.12.8: After multiple revison the final draft of FCAC Revised Yale Cantonese Romanization is completed.
2023.10.26: The domain cantonia.org, originally hold by us, was donated to International Cantonese Conservation Association.

2023.6~2023.9: Relocation.
2023.5.1: The end of the first term.
2023.2.19: 《南粵史 Nàahm Yuht Sí》 (A History of Cantonia) FCAC re-typesetted Mandarin version released. »
2022.8.21: Establishment of FCAC.