2023 is done and 2024 is here now; yet another year of not really doing anything actually useful. I have quite a bit of things planned this year but all of them are quite big, probably too big for a single person to bring into fruition while dealing with schools and trying to find a job and whatnot. Did not regret spending time on any of the things I've done in the past though; I only regret not working myself harder to contribute more and I'm only worried that I'm not doing enough things and not doing the correct things. Maybe some things are really pre-determined and this is really the furthest I'll ever be able to go, but seriously even if that's the case I don't really have a choice other than keep going now, do I?

I never believed God was fair to me and now I somehow find it meaningless to ask Him for compensation, so this year I'll pray for nothing but that God won't forsake me in the times I need Him the most. I paid my soul for this; this show must go on.